"The birth of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales recalls how he assembled "a ragtag band of volunteers gave them tools for collaborating and created Wikipedia, the self-organizing, self-correcting, never-finished online encyclopedia". Raymond, as it "opened his eyes to the possibilities of mass collaboration." 26 From his background in finance, and working as a futures and options trader, Wales developed an interest in game theory and the effect of incentives on human collaborative activity. A b c d e f g Schiff, Stacy (July 31, 2006). Mak, Tim (March 22, 2014). Gray, Lila (September 17, 2013). Shabandri, Muaz (December 8, 2014) " Web inventor, Wiki co-founder share 1m Knowledge Award ". To be clear, the idea of an open source, collaborative/encyclopedia, open to contribution by ordinary people, was entirely Jimmy's, not mine, and the funding was entirely by Bomis. Wales's benign rule has allowed Wikipedia to do what it does best: grow. Gleick, James (August 8, 2008). "Wikipedia co-founder slams Wikileaks". 69 70 All intellectual property rights and domain names pertaining to Wikipedia were moved to the new foundation, 71 whose purpose is to support the encyclopedia and its sister projects. 29 Wales described it as a "guy-oriented search engine" with a market similar to that of Maxim magazine; the Bomis venture did not ultimately turn out to be successful. 104 In 2015, Wales signed up as the committee chair for Lawrence Lessig 's 2016 presidential campaign. What needs to happen next is a serious reconsideration of the UK extradition treaty that would allow this sort of nonsense in the first place." 121 In August 2013, Wales criticized.K.

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Donnelly, Laura (October 6, 2012). Wales, if imitation is a form of flattery, you should feel flattered. "Where is Jimmy Wales on the political compass? Wales has described himself as having been addicted to the Internet from an early stage and he wrote computer code during his leisure time. Gonzalez, which led to Google's being inundated with requests to remove websites from their search results. Fleischer, Lisa (May 30, 2014). Bibliography Poe, Marshall (September 2006). Wales is third from the left in the back row, with Christine Rohan. Randolph Magazine Archived August 27, 2014, at the Wayback Machine 18 (1). A b c d e f g Wilson, Claire. 17 Wales reconsidered Hayek's essay in the 1990s, while reading about the open source movement, which advocated for the free distribution of free software.

, collaborative encyclopedia, open to contribution by ordinary people, was entirely Jimmy's, not mine, and the funding was entirely by Bomis. Jimmy Donal "Jimbo" 2, wales (born August 7, 1966) is an American. ELearning ETourism (blog of Lorenzo Cantoni, dean of the Faculty). A b Cohen, Noam (March 17, 2008). It put at his fingertips an abundant supply of knowledge complete with maps, illustrations, and a few cellophane layers of transparencies one could lift to explore such things as the muscles, arteries, and digestive system of a dissected frog. The Chronicle of Philanthropy. 53 Sanger assembled on his personal webpage an assortment of links that appear to confirm the status of Sanger and Wales as co-founders. 170 On May 17, 2015, Wales received the Dan David Prize of 1 million in the "Present" category (others won that amount for "Past" and "Future" contributions to society). 131 She is Tony Blair's former diary secretary, whom Wales met in Davos, Switzerland. But Wales soon discovered that the World Book had shortcomings: no matter how much was in it, there were many more things that were not.

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17 Hayek argued that information is decentralized that each individual only knows a small fraction of what is known collectivelyand that as a result, decisions are best made by those with local knowledge, rather than by a central authority. 154 Wales has also received honorary degrees from Knox College, 155 Amherst College, 156 Stevenson University, 156 157 Argentina's Universidad Empresarial Siglo 21, 158 and Russia's mirea University. Getz, Arlene (February 1, 2007). A b c d e Hansen, Evan (December 19, 2005). "Wikimedia Foundation restructures its board". Retrieved October 31, 2006. Ponsford, Dominic (January 27, 2016). " Jimmy Wales '83: 'Information evangelist' Randolph School. Libertarian Party as "lunatics and citing "freedom, liberty, basically individual rights, that idea of dealing with other people in a manner that is not initiating force against them" as his guiding principles. A b Mullin, Joe (February 29, 2016). 43 Sanger developed Wikipedia in its early phase and guided the project. "Jimmy Wales: The (Proud) Amateur Who Created Wikipedia". 39 Controversy regarding Wales's cheap sex escorts sex bio århus status as co-founder Further information: History of Wikipedia Early roles of Wales and Sanger Wales has asserted that he is the sole founder of Wikipedia, 11 and has publicly disputed Sanger's designation as a co-founder. Archived from the original on November 24, 2009. "Bill Clinton defends American control of Internet domain name system". "Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, reaches its 100,000th article". A b " Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales, Poet Mary Jo Salter, Nobel Laureate Paul Nurse Among Eight to Be Honored at Amherst Commencement amherst. "Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales goes bananas".

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  • Jimmy Donal Jimbo Wales (born August 7, 1966) is an American Internet entrepreneur.
  • He is known as a co-founder of the online non-profit encyclopedia.
  • Wikipedia and the for-profit web hosting company Wikia.
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"Lecture Jimmy Wales: Understanding failure as a route to success". 116 Wales's testimony is available for viewing on C-span. A b Deutschman, Alan (March 2007). Cole, Bruce (March April 2007). Wales feared that, at worst, it might produce "complete rubbish". "A New Kid on the Wiki Block".